Will and Will Points

Game Mechanics

Will is perhaps the most important characteristic for a Ritual Mage.

In this game, characters do not spend Fatigue to power abilities and Ritual Spells. Instead, they spend Will Points.

A character starts the game with Will Points equal to their Will attribute (IQ + Will). Through specialized training, characters can gain additional Will points to extend their ability to power spells.

Losing Will Points

In addition to expenditure of WP to power spells and abilities, there are many supernatural and mundane effects that will cause characters to lose Will. Anything in the Basic Set that has a character losing Fatigue due to mental strain will drain Will Points instead of Fatigue Points. Intoxication, torture, sleep deprivation, and mental trauma will cause loss of WP. In addition to their other effects, Fright Checks will cost Will Points equal to the margin of failure. Additionally, characters may lose will for going against their character’s nature, chosing the “wrong” side of a moral dilemma, etc.

Effects of Lost Will

Low WP leads to susceptibility to both mundane suggestibility and supernatural interference. This is modeled as pentalties to Will rolls and Self Control rolls, as shown in the following table:

Remaining Will Will Penalty Self Control Rolls Supernatural
Less than 1/2 your Will Points remaining -2 Self Controls are unmodified None
Less than 1/3 your Will Points remaining -5 Self Controls are one degree harder (15 becomes 12, 12 becomes 9, 9 becomes 6, 6 automatically fails) Mild supernatural interference
0 WP remaining -7 All Self Control Rolls automatically fail. Major Supernatural Interference
-1 x WP -10 Any disadvantage requiring a Self Control becomes a Compulsion (Alchoholics compulsively seek to get drunk, etc) Constant Supernatural Assault

The excessive minuses associated with Will rolls are likely to lead to critical failures, which may have drastic consequences.

Regaining Lost Will

Will Points are regained at the level of 1 per hour of mental rest with a successful Will roll. Note, that this Will roll IS at -2/-5/-7/-10 for loss of Will Points. Thus, characters who are mentally fatigued find it much harder to recover. Note, this is MUCH slower than 1 FP recovered per 10 minutes rest.

A critical success on the recovery Will roll regains 1/2 all lost WP, rounded up.

Sleep counts as mental rest, but all Will rolls are automatic successes. Thus, a full night of sleep allows a character to regain 8 Will Points. Esoteric Meditation, Ritual Magic, and the Mentally Fit advantage can help with this (See Below).

Will and Character Creation

There are many new skills, advantages and disadvantages and skills that effect Will Points. See the Advantages, Disadvantages, and Skills page for examples.

Will and Will Points

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