Methods of Magic


All Ritual Magicians must take at least Ritual Magery 0 [5] to learn Ritual Magic. However, due to the secrecy and difficulty of learning Ritual Magery, there are additional requirements to actually learn these abilities or have contact with other entities in the supernatural world.

Supernatural Skill Points (SSP)

The sum of all Character Points spent on Ritual Magic and associated skills is called Supernatural Ability Points (SSP), and is used in calculations below. SSP Skills include the following:

  • Ritual Magic (IQ/VH) Skill
  • Path/Book (IQ/VH) Skills
  • Rituals (Tech/H)
  • Esoteric Meditation (IQ/VH) Skill
  • Symbol Drawing (IQ/H) Skill
  • Hidden Lore (IQ/A) Skill
  • Attunements

Supernatural Community Points (SCP)

The sum of all Character Points spent on Social Advantages associated with supernatural communities are called Supernatural Community Points (SCP), and is also used in calculations below. SCP includes the following:

  • Reputation
  • Allies
  • Patrons
  • Contacts


These are the Methods for learning abilities (SSP) and participating in the supernatural world (SCP). Prerequisite oint values are always minimums.

Path Description Prerequisites Leveled Requirement SSP Mult. SCP Mult
The Traditions You learned the old-fashioned way: you were taught Clerical Investiture (Tradition) [5] +1 Rank [5] per full [25] SSP x1 x1
Deserter You stole knowledge from a Tradition Unusual Background (Deserter): [10] + [-15] in Social Disadvantages None x1 x2
Grimoirist you own a very special book which teaches you how to do a set number of spells Perk (Grimoire Exposure) [1], a Native-Level Language Literacy [3], and at least [15] in academic skills None x1 x2
Rogue Element you just “know” how to do things Illuminated [15] None x1 x1
Reawakened your learned about the supernatural in a past life Reawakened [10] None x1 x2
Betrayer or Chosen The other side wants you to learn Supernatural Patron [20] with +100%: Teaches Supernatural None x1 x1
Open Sorcerer Teach yourself Magic on the Internet None None x2 x2
Fringer or Lackey You may not be a Mage, but know the people who are Unusual Background (Fringer/Lackey) [5] None N/A x1

The Traditions (Rank)


Most Ritual Mages learn through participating in a Tradition. There have been hundreds of Traditions in the history of the world, but only a few dozen survive. Here is a sampling of known Traditions. For a listing of Traditions, see the Traditions page.


To become a Traditional Ritual Mage, you must take Clerical Investiture (Tradition) [5] specialized to the Traditional Society society which you are a member of. For example, Clerical Investiture (Voudon) [5]. Then, for every full [25] SSP, you must take Tradition Rank 1 [5] to represent your ascendance in the hierarchy of that Tradition.

Traditional Ritual Mages have all the benefits of Rank when dealing with other Ritual Mages, regardless of Tradition. Traditional Mages also have no prerequisites or additional costs for SCP or SSP.

Deserters (Unusual Background)


Deserters are Ritual Mages that start learning through a Tradition, but tire of the strictures of their hierarchy. They steal secrets from their Tradition, and go off and learn on their own.


Deserters must take an [10] Unusual Background (Deserter), but can learn SSP with no multiplier, given their training. However, maintaining allies and contacts is very difficult, so SCP costs double.

Deserters also have at least [-15] in Social Disadvantages such as Enemies, Bad Reputation or Secrets to represent the ill will the Traditions have for them.

Grimoirist (Perk + Language + Academic Skills)

Most ritual mages learn from a teacher or group of teachers that represent a Tradition. A Grimoirist represents someone who has spent many years studying from specific text (a Grimoire), a book that contains a limited number of spells following their own internal logic.

It is not the physical book itself that makes a Grimoirist. Instead, it is the deep, esoteric knowledge and understanding required to interpret that book that makes a Grimoirist.


Characters who have a Grimoire must take the following:

  • [1] Perk (Grimoire Exposure)
  • [3] Native Literacy (Magical Language)
  • [15] In Academic skills from among the following:
    • History
    • Philosophy
    • Linguistics
    • Mathematics
    • Occultism
    • Theology
    • Research
    • Computer Science

Rogue Element (Illuminated)

Rogue Elements are not part of any Tradition and may not even have contact with them, but they just “know” how to do magic without training.


Rogue Elements have the Illuminated [15] advantage. This allows them to learn any level of SSP or gain any SCP without further investment.

Rogue Elements typically have Enemies or Secrets to represent the jealousy the Traditions have for their lore.

Reawakened (Reawakened)


Occasionally, a Spirit is brought back to this world to inhabit a new body. Even more occasionally, that Spirit “wakes up” and remembers who it was when it dies. However, the world will have changed since that time, and relating to modern Supernatural entities may be difficult.


Reawakened characters must take the Reawakened [10] advantage may have any level of SSP.

However, their dissociation from the modern supernatural world makes all SCP cost double.

Betrayers and the Chosen (Patron)


Betrayers and The Chosen are different names for the same thing. Betrayers sell their Souls to In Betweeners or powerful dark Entities from the Spirit World. They are taught Ritual Magic directly from the Other Side. Betrayers typically ask for their powers, and serve dark enemies.

The Chosen, on the other hand, are usually involuntarily selected by a powerful Spirit to represent their interests on earth. The Chosen typically serve beneficent entities.

Most Traditions were founded and lead by a Betrayer or a Chosen at some point in history.


A Betrayer or a Chosen character must take a Spiritual Patron with a +100% Enhancement – Teaches Magic. This patron must be worth a minimum of 20 points but then may learn any level of SSP or SCP with no additional cost.

Betrayers or Chosen typically have Duties to the entity that they serve.

Open Sorcerers

The Open Sorcerers are a loose knit community of Ritual Magic tyros and enthusiasts who share online the secrets gleaned from various Traditions.


Since they have no formal structure, no Rank, Traditional Investment, Patron, or Unusual Background is required to learn Ritual Magic or Attunements.

However, due to the wide amount of misinformation on the Internet (much of it deliberately promulgated by members of the Traditions), all SSP costs are doubled.

Likewise, because most people on the internet are poseurs, fakes, or cutouts for the Traditions, SCP points are also doubled.

Fringer or Lackey

There are those who participate in the Supernatural Community, but are not themselves supernatural. Bodyguards, functionaries, and lackeys may work with Supernatural organizations, while not being supernatural themselves.


Unusual Background (Fringer) [5]. No SSP, SCP as per normal.

Methods of Magic

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